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Events: February 2017

Nutwood Farm presents

Saturday, February 4 | 6:30PM - 9:00PM | Cummington, MA | directions | website

Please join Sara & Kalyan of Nutwood Farm, a budding perennial agroforestry homestead in Cummington, on Saturday, February 4th at 6:30pm at the Cummington Community House for a special community screening of INHABIT: A PERMACULTURE PERSPECTIVE.

Beautiful and poignant, INHABIT features the voices and visions of social and ecological changemakers in the Northeast and beyond. The film presents a way of looking to ecosystems for inspiration, using natural principles to weave human systems into the landscape. It reminds us that humans are in fact capable of being forces of planetary healing.

In these challenging times, we hope this event will inspire more collaborations and projects and that heal and nourish our community, such as the exciting work unfolding at Nutwood Farm. Before the film, we will share our current plans to grow hazelnuts and other perennial staple foods on our farm, along with our own 3-minute video and details about the launch of our crowdfunding campaign. How can we all find ways to inhabit our earth, our community, and our place more fully? What could we accomplish if we all work together?

Admission is free and open to all. Refreshments will be served. The event begins at 6:30pm at the Cummington Community House. Childcare will also be provided during the film screening. For more information please call Sara at 413-824-1840 or email

Hosted by Nutwood Farm at the Cummington Community House: 33 Main St, Cummington, MA.

Contact Sara Tower & Kalyan Uprichard at (413) 824-1840 or by e-mail for more information.

Meet Your Maker

Sunday, February 19 | 10:00AM - 2:00PM | Warren, RI | directions | website

Hungry for good local food? Join us for Meet Your Maker!

When our outdoor Schoolyard Market closes for the season we eat, drink and shop local at our monthly indoor market! Meet Your Maker features dozens of our Member companies, and often times local farmers or artisans. Tour and taste your way through a lively, bustling marketplace filled to the brim with Rhode Island-made specialty food and drinks!

Meet Your Maker is an opportunity for the community to take a peek inside Rhode Island’s food manufacturing economy. Our local “foodieconomy” is fueled by the relationship between food makers, growers, educators and the consumer. Here, market-goers can see these relationships in action – meet the makers themselves and learn what inspires these budding food entrepreneurs to charge ahead with their businesses.

All are welcome!

Hosted by Hope & Main at the Hope & Main: 691 Main Street, Warren, RI.

Contact Ali Montagnon at (401) 245-7400 or by e-mail for more information.

Neighborhood Stormwater Outreach

Wednesday, February 22 | 5:30PM - 6:30PM | Newport, RI | directions

Many of us have fond memories of puddle-stomping or dancing in the rain. But as we get older, we lose that wistful sense of enjoyment. Instead, rain is often considered a nuisance and a source of discomfort whether we find ourselves commuting to work or forgetting our umbrellas at home. However, we rarely think about the logistics of rainstorms. Where does all that water go? What happens to the rain that hits a parking lot, a roof or some other man-made structure. STORMWATER IS WHERE THINGS START GETTING DICEY!

Hosted by Eastern RI Conservation District at the Newport Public Library: 300 Spring Street, Newport, RI.

Contact Sara Churgin at (401) 934-0842 or by e-mail for more information.

Residential Stormwater Education

Wednesday, February 22 | 5:30PM - 5:30PM | Newport, RI | directions

ALL INVITED to Eastern RI Conservation District's Residential Stormwater Education Program. Generally speaking, stormwater is rain (also melting snow and ice) that washes off driveways, parking lots, roads yards, rooftops and other hard surfaces. It runs off across the land, bringing pollutants into our water system, instead of seeping into the ground. Please come learn how we can help to change this in our own living environment.

Hosted by Eastern RI Conservation District at the Newport Public Library: 300 Spring Street, Newport, RI.

Contact Sara Churgin at (401) 934-0842 or by e-mail for more information.