Producers What's Cooking A Bit About Us City
Meadow Stone Farm Artisan Cheese Cheese (cow), Cheese (goat) We produce some of the finest true artisan cheeses, both cow and goat, fresh and aged. Many of our ingred... Brooklyn
1 mi
Shepard's Harvest Goats (dairy), Sheep (dairy), Soap Plainfield
9 mi
Christine's Country Kitchen Mustard, Pickles Eastford
12 mi
Quiet Corner Coffee Roasters Coffee Ashford
13 mi
Dragon's Blood Elixir Sauces Woodstock
13 mi
Shayna B's & the Pickle Cakes, Cookies + Pastries, Gluten-free, Pies Ashford
14 mi
Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co Willimantic
15 mi
Bona-fido Catnip, Dog food, Dog treats, Meat Tasty - Nutritious - Safe All products are wheat free, corn free, dairy free and soy free. Wholesome,... North Scituate, RI
15 mi
The Farmer's Cow Milk (cow) Lebanon
16 mi
Daniele Capocollo, Chorizo, Mortadella, Pancetta, Prosciutto, Salame, Sopressata With the help of our community, we created a line of charcuterie using pork raised on New England farms. ... Pascoag, RI
17 mi
Terry's Tasty Treasures Jam + Jelly, Relish Terry’s mission is to support local businesses by buying and selling locally. Scituate, RI
19 mi
Just Like Nana's Bread, Cookies + Pastries, Frozen Rugelah, Frozen Scones, Rugelah, Scones Just Like Nana's makes traditionally crafted Rugelah, an iconic Jewish pastry with healthier ingredi... Greenville, RI
21 mi
The Smallest Bite Chocolate The Smallest Bite began in early 2010, when owner/maker Season James began writing recipes on her blog an... Smithfield, RI
22 mi
Comanzo & Co Artisan Bakers Cookies + Pastries, Gluten-free We are producers of All Natural and Award-winning Biscotti and Cookies that are sold nationwide to major ... Smithfield, RI
22 mi
Farmtrue Ghee, Oil Farmtrue produces small batch 100% grass-fed ghee in RI using regionally sourced butter. Ghee is a health... North Stonington
22 mi
S. B. Winsor Dairy Inc Cream, Ice cream, Milk (cow) Johnston, RI
23 mi
Radia Herbs Anise, Basil, Chives, Dried Herbs, Garlic (cured), Garlic (uncured or w/ stalks), Garlic Scapes, Herb plants, Herbal Tonics + Tinctures, Horseradish, Lemon balm, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Mint, Sage, Shiso, Tea, Thyme, White Pine Tips Radia Herbs is a one-acre herb farm in Cranston, Rhode Island, part of the Hurricane Hill female-owned fa... Cranston, RI
23 mi
Ocean State Peeled Potato Ocean State Potato processes and packages fresh potatoes, buying local whenever possible from two farms i... Johnston, RI
24 mi
Yacht Club Bottling Works Sparkling Beverages Yacht Club Bottling Works opened in 1915 with the goal of bringing premium quality beverages to Rhode Isl... North Providence, RI
24 mi
The Stirring Spoon Mustard, Sauces Hand crafted line of gourmet specialty sauces made with natural ingredients. Most of our sauces are made... Johnston, RI
24 mi
Laurelwood Farm Bread, Cookies + Pastries, Jam + Jelly East Greenwich, RI
24 mi
Bread Boss Bread, Cakes, Cupcakes, Gluten-free, Muffins, Pies Johnston, RI
24 mi
Warwick Ice Cream Ice cream Started as a milk company in 1922, Warwick Ice Cream starting making ice cream in 1930 and today is the t... Warwick, RI
24 mi
Jack's Snacks, A Dog Bakery Dog treats Baking treats without preservatives, additives, sugar or salt and putting in a whole lot of love and loca... Warwick, RI
25 mi
Dizzie Lizzie's Cookies, Inc. Cookies + Pastries, Cupcakes At Dizzie Lizzie's Cookies, we produce cookie and biscotti dough products. Local businesses use these pr... Warwick, RI
25 mi
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Artisan Food Producers in Connecticut
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Each of these producers makes an effort to source fresh seasonal ingredients purchased directly from local farms and producers.
Buying locally grown food takes both commitment and flexibility: weather can be unpredictable, fresh foods are seasonal, and the coordination of deliveries directly with farmers takes a bit more time and dedication. Yet in return, these caterers offer their customers the freshest, most flavorful foods available. Nothing beats a peach ripened in Connecticut sunshine or basil picked just hours before it found its way into your entree.

Ask what's local on the menu and where it came from! Your patronage of these caterers encourages their continued commitment to local farmers. Spread the word! Locally grown food tastes better!