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T.W. Food in Cambridge, MA

377 Walden St
Cambridge, MA 02138

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A bit about T.W. Food
In the T.W. kitchen, we develop a style that is based on the purity of our ingredients. To us, this means finding people who raise animals correctly and humanely, who forage our woods for mushrooms and who grow herbs, flowers and vegetables for local consumption using old-fashioned methods. As cooks, these raw materials are then manufactured into dishes using our knowledge, artistic sensibilities and cultural traditions. We present a modern "cuisine classique" without the limitations of preconceived flavor combination or construct.

An earlier part of this story is about France. The study of French cuisine gave me the technical ability to transform my products into delicious food. In my early twenties, at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, I learned to make and taste a real cookie, a real croissant, a real baguette, a real pate. I had cooked since I was a small child, often taking over my mother's kitchen (or at least trying to), but never had I seen the correct methods executed by chefs who had studied food for centuries. In training through many professional Parisian kitchens, I witnessed diligent order and execution, and the pursuit of a highly nuanced food aesthetic.

Running in parallel to these concepts is a keen belief in freedom and individual expression. As a cook this may mean taking a simple idea like fried soft shell crab and deciding to smoke it, in lieu of serving it with its most common partner: bacon. Or doing a smoked foie gras creme brulee; or frying our gnocchi with curry. In cooking, most things have been done before, but believing in them at that moment, here today, at that dinner service, brings fresh life to the craft.

—Tim And Bronwyn Wiechmann, Owners

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