The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar

The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar in Newport, RI

Buy Local RI partner • USDA Certified Organic • fair-trade • sustainable seafood

Sayer's Wharf
Newport, RI 02840

0 miles from Newport, RI 02840

(401) 847-5090
Fax (401) 846-8950

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Sayer's Wharf
Newport, RI 02840

A bit about The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar
We begin with the premise that food is one of the fundamental joys of the human experience. It is therefore our goal to provide our guests with an unparalleled culinary experience in a welcoming and unique, service-oriented atmosphere. To accomplish this, quality is the focus of everything we do. The following represents the guiding principles in the dishes we prepare:

Maximum attention is given to cuisine quality, as defined by the source of the ingredients, the method of procurement from the environment, and the organic purity of habitat and growth.
We purchase only the freshest fish delivered from regional and international fishmongers. Speed to market, ‘Top of the Catch’ selection and packaging techniques are scrutinized when purchasing from fish purveyors. When possible we support ‘Day Boat Fishermen.’
We acknowledge that there are unsustainable fishing practices taking place around the world. We aim to support sustainable harvesting methods when possible, to help ensure the health of our food sources for future generations.
We believe that utilizing locally grown, organic produce in our dishes supports the local farming industry, enhances the connection between the plate and its source, and ultimately increases the quality of the culinary experience. Therefore, maximum effort is made to integrate local, organic produce into our menus whenever possible.
There is nothing on our menu that contains, or was prepared using, Trans-Fatty Acids.
To help mitigate negative environmental consequences of our business, and to preserve local farmlands, we are committed to local groups that educate and practice sustainable development. Supporting those who provide for us is part of our dedication to a quality culinary experience.
At its heart, dining is about the ingredients and friends at the table. It is a creative process that involves our guests as much as it does our chefs. It is our goal to present the highest quality culinary experience and to infuse a creative, thoughtful and responsible approach in preparing our dishes for you.

Open 7 days from 11:30-9:00, 10:pm on Fri and Sat, until Summer

—Rob DeLuise, Executive Chef

The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar
The Mooring Seafood Kitchen And Bar

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