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New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket, RI

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1005 Main Street #108
Pawtucket, RI 02860

the story behind New Harvest Coffee Roasters

0 miles from Pawtucket, RI 02860

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A bit about New Harvest Coffee Roasters
New Harvest is an artisan coffee roaster based out of Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We directly source many of our coffees, building direct relationships with producers. Locally, we train baristas and shop owners, and work to expand the community of people who understand and appreciate how challenging and rewarding great coffee can be. We supply cafés, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and households.

NEWS: New Harvest Coffee & Spirits is now open in the historic Arcade in Downcity Providence! Specialty Coffees, Fine Whiskys & more!

New Harvest Coffee & Spirits
Arcade Providence #118
130 Westminster St
Mon-Wed 7am-9pm
Th-Fri 7am-12midnight
Sat 9am-12midnight

New Harvest Coffee Roastery
Hope Artiste Village
999 Main Street #108
Mon-Fri 9-5

—Rik Kleinfeldt, Owner

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Local Producer Profile: New Harvest Coffee Roasters by Renee Grivois
Published: February 06, 2015

Pawtucket, RI - Pawtucket, RI – Strolling through the industrial halls of the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI on any given day, you will be greeted by the most wonderful of scents...freshly roasted coffee.

The source: New Harvest Coffee Roasters.

From the hallway and the front entrance to the roasting facility, where a smiling barista and an array of freshly brewed coffees and espresso drinks greet you, you can see that it is actually much bigger than it first appears.
Located on the other side of the coffee station is a large work area and all the things that the team at New Harvest needs to produce their coffee: burlap sacks overflowing with raw, green coffee beans and two enormous roasters where these beans will be roasted and cooled before being bagged up for retail. Also located at their roasting facility is a training center where they teach new baristas, coffee enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone else who wants to learn how to make a really great cup of coffee.

New Harvest was founded in 2000 by Rik Kleinfeldt and his wife, Paula Anderson. Rik, who moved to the Providence area to attend Brown University, spent nine years working at the Coffee Exchange, where he learned how to roast coffee, before deciding to strike out on his own in the coffee industry.

Now, with twenty-four years of coffee-based experience behind him, Rik has two New Harvest Coffee locations in the Providence area: the roasting facility in Pawtucket, and New Harvest Coffee & Spirits in the trendy Providence Arcade on Weybosset Street in downtown Providence.
Passion and attention to quality is at the heart of every step of the roasting process at New Harvest.

The first step is obtaining the coffee beans. Due to the climate, coffee has never been successfully cultivated in the United States, so New Harvest gets their beans primarily from Central America. New Harvest maintains direct relationships with their farmers so that they know exactly where their beans come from, and they even visit some of the farms in person. At the same time, such relationships enable New Harvest to witness and verify first-hand that the higher prices they pay for the beans benefits coffee-growing communities at large.

The next step is roasting the beans. Raw beans are poured from burlap sacks into the enormous roasters for about fifteen minutes before being cooled. New Harvest constantly evaluates their roasting practices and fine-tunes their roast profiles to achieve exceptional results. They test their roasts across a full spectrum of brewing methods, to ensure that both their wholesale and retail customers have the opportunity to brew the best cup possible.

The beans are then cooled, bagged for retail, and sent to a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout New England such as Whole Foods Market and local favorites like Seven Stars Bakery and Ellie’s. During any given week, New Harvest Coffee Roasters produces five-thousand pounds of freshly-roasted beans.

New Harvest Coffee Roasters is open for business every Saturday during the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market at Hope Artiste Village. You can buy their coffee by the cup or the bag, meet the team, and see where the magic happens for yourself.