Ruggieri's Market in Cranston, RI

Retail / Grocery
Buy Local RI partner • USDA Certified Organic

435 Atwood Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920

1 miles from Cranston, RI 02920
A bit about Ruggieri's Market
The first Ruggieri's Market was opened in 1915. The 20' by 30' store specialized in Italian products, homemade Italian sausage, and produce.
Within a few years, Ruggieri's Market entered the meat business. While their grocery and meat market flourished, they added home delivery as a courtesy to their ever-growing customer list.
Through the years, the market was expanded and business kept growing. In 1975, Frank retired and Rocco’s children, Paulette, Peter, and Michael joined the family business. During this period, the store became Ruggieri’s Market, Inc.
Ruggieri's Market has grown to 22,000 square feet. Renowned for their meats and produce, the store has been remodeled many times to keep up with the needs and wants of their loyal customers. Their most recent modernization was completed in 1996. A larger produce department was designed, scanners were added, and for the children, an animated figure named Jethro P. Hogg, whose home is atop the produce case, singing Country Western songs and talking to their shoppers.
Many things have changed, and Maria and Antonio wouldn’t recognize their dream; but to this day, Ruggieri's Market is still a family business with Paulette, Peter, and Michael at the helm. Known throughout for their honesty, courtesy, and generosity, the store has remained customer orientated and their meat department is one of the best in the state. The store continues to flourish in spite of the fact that there are four superstores within a two mile radius of Ruggieri's Market.
Store Hours:
Monday through Wednesday 8am-6pm
Thursday and Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sundays: Closed

—Peter Ruggieri, Owner/Manager

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