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2239 Mineral Spring Ave
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A bit about Yacht Club Bottling Works
Yacht Club Bottling Works opened in 1915 with the goal of bringing premium quality beverages to Rhode Island.
Yacht Club only uses glass bottles for our carbonated soft drinks, because glass keeps the contents fresh and pure unlike any other container.
All Syrups are made on site with pure cane sugar and natural artesian water. Never High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Cane sugar is triple the cost of HFCS but unmatched in quality and taste. After the syrup is mixed, only the finest extracts and flavorings are added to make our truly unique drink. You will notice when you drink a Yacht Club Soda that it is clean smooth and genuinely refreshing.

—John Sgambato, Owner

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Local Producer Profile: Yacht Club Bottling Works by Renee Grivois
Published: February 10, 2015

North Providence, RI - Few things say “Rhode Island” quite like Yacht Club Soda, a Little Rhody staple for one-hundred years.

Yacht Club was founded in 1918 by the Sharp family in Centredale, RI, a neighborhood of North Providence. Currently located on aptly-named Mineral Springs Avenue in the same neighborhood, Yacht Club has not moved far from its original location since production began. Their current location, an older, unassuming building that reveals very little about the intriguing process that takes place inside, is located right above the natural artesian spring from which the water for their products comes.

Yacht Club is now owned and operated by the Sgambato family: brothers John and Michael and their father, Bill. John and Michael’s grandfather began working with Yacht Club in 1935 and bought the company in 1961.
Yacht Club has remained true to their roots. Their newest machinery dates back to 1965, and some of it is significantly older. According to John, the modern machines used by other soda manufacturers simply can’t make soda as well; they cannot produce small batches in the same way, and quality control is not as good.

The natural spring located below their production facility is their sole source of water for their beverages. City water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals, is never used. Thanks to special properties found only in their water, Yacht Club does not need to add salt to their sodas, a process necessary for commercial soda manufacturers to carbonate their beverages. Also, where other soda manufacturers need to chill the water for their beverages before the soda making process can begin, Yacht Club does not; the water from their natural spring comes out at the optimal temperature, saving them time and energy.

You will not find caffeine or corn syrup, both additives that do not occur in nature, in any of their sodas. You also won’t find refined, white sugar or artificial flavors in their bottles either; their sodas are sweetened only with pure cane sugar and natural extracts and oils.

In 2015, the governor of Rhode Island plans to hold a special event at the State House to commemorate Yacht Club’s 100th anniversary. The Sgambatos also have plans to update some of their machinery, which involves replacing some of the machines from the ‘40s with “new” machines from the ‘60s, which will enable them to increase productivity while maintaining quality and authenticity.

Yacht Club bottles their soda, seltzer, and water twice, if not three times a week. Their product line includes thirty-three flavors, including the seltzers and waters. A full list of their products can be found on their company website, but examples include: black cherry, pineapple, and birch beer. They also offer several diet options.

To meet the Yacht Club Bottling Works team and to sample their sodas yourself, come see them Saturday at the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market between November-May, or the Hope Street Farmers Market from May-October. You can also visit them at their production facility, which doubles as their retail location, on Mineral Springs Avenue in North Providence, or find them in a variety of restaurants, grocery stores, and food trucks located around Rhode Island.