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Boru Barbecue in Provience, RI


"Putting our spin on Tradition barbecue"

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Provience, RI 02903

0 miles from Providence, RI 02903

(401) 333-3333

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A bit about Boru Barbecue
Moving to America in early 2015, I hadn’t cooked professionally since my days at my parents restaurant in County Galway, Ireland. Along came brisket, oak, and open flame. I was hooked, a barbecue geek.

Learning all variables of barbecue-the type of wood, the moist content of the wood, meat selection, type of smoker, and weather conditions. We built our first smoker at the Steel Yard in Providence, RI after a 10 week welding course.

In Spring 2016 Wes from Whalers Brewery Co. said they needed someone to cater a party they were having for a rare beer launch. We quickly ordered our first custom built smoker from Georgia. Along with my wife and four friends, we served 186 people that night and I had myself a little barbecue company.

From pickling, prepping, and making BBQ sauce on the loading dock at the brewery to building our own commercial kitchen in Cranston, RI-we have come a long way in our short history.

Please come say hello at one of our pop-ups!

—Padraic And Kaylyn Keane, Owners

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