Black Hat Brew WorksBlack Hat Brew Works

Black Hat Brew Works in Bridgewater, MA

Artisan Producer

We make our own...

25 Scotland Blvd, Unit 1
Bridgewater, MA 02324

2 miles from Bridgewater, MA 02324

(508) 807-5172

[email protected]


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A bit about Black Hat Brew Works
Black Hat Brew Works is a small craft brewery established on Black Hat Friday 2015, and is located in the Scotland Industrial Park in Bridgewater, MA. Our philosophy is simple, we strive to create the highest quality and consistent beer, using as many local ingredients as possible.

Paul, and his brother Scott have been brewing together for years, starting at a brew on premises, and eventually working into all grain batches on the back porch. About three years ago they made the decision to invest in a small brewing system that they would spend all their available free time working on, to develop recipes with the hopes of one day opening a small brewery. After countless hours and a lot of hard work, opportunity showed its face, and a decision had to be made to move this dream forward or simply remain home brewers. Since you are reading this, you can guess what that decision was! Paul and Scott, were then joined by their long time friend Jason, who rounded out the team, and so it began. A 2,200 sq. ft.brewery and tap room was created with the help from many friends and family and that dream is now a reality.

Black Hat Brew Works is truly the culmination of hard work, dedication, and the support from
family, friends, and the town of Bridgewater. We hope you will get the chance to stop in and
check us out!


—Paul & Scott, Owners

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