A.B. Munroe Dairy in East Providence, RI

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"From the Moo to You!"

151 North Brow St
East Providence, RI 02914

1 miles from East Providence, RI 02914

(401) 438-4450
Fax (401) 438-0035

[email protected]


A bit about A.B. Munroe Dairy
Here at Munroe Dairy we have a simple philosophy, "Some things are better left unchanged." It is one that we have kept since the beginning in 1881. Our milk comes fresh from the cow to your door in no more than 48 hours and contains no artificial hormones or antibiotics. Not to mention it is also being delivered in an environmentally and health minded glass bottle that will be reused over 20 times!
Munroe being a local family owned company finds it best to support other brethren. You can see this in the over 150 product, most coming from other local family owned New England Companies. All of which are delivered directly to your home, or even office.
* Our milk is pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized

Call us Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

—Mat Levin, Moo

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