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Atlantic Saltworks in Gloucester, MA

Artisan Producer

We make our own...


"Gloucester Sea Salt, Handmade in Small Batches!"

10R Blackburn Ctr
Gloucester, MA 01930

1 miles from Gloucester, MA 01930
A bit about Atlantic Saltworks
Atlantic Saltworks is a modern day saltworks in Gloucester, Massachusetts!

We collect ocean water, filter and boil it until it reaches a high salinity brine. Then, through a very controlled heating process, salt crystals begins to form, we harvest and dry them.

Our salt is light and flaky with a clean, briny taste. No added bleach, anti-caking agents, or iodine. The unique process we’ve developed removes bitter flavor and lets the natural saltiness shine through!

Edible Boston proclaimed: “A veritable potpourri of minerals gives it its distinct flavor.” “The appealing, delicate crunch and pretty frosting… brings to every food it decorates.”

Mark Bitterman, Author of “Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral” was quoted by the Boston Globe as saying he was “smitten” and “It’s a very beguiling salt. They are leaving a lot of the briny, rich flavors… I love that…”

—George & Jodi Bradbury, Owners

Atlantic Saltworks
Atlantic Saltworks

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