Daily Jar

Daily Jar in Easton, MA

Artisan Producer
USDA Certified Organic

We make our own...

"100% organic cold-pressed juice"

476 Bay Rd
Easton, MA 02375

1 miles from South Easton, MA 02375

(508) 813-3898

[email protected]


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A bit about Daily Jar
Daily Jar is 100% organic, raw, fresh, cold-pressed juice. Never heated. Never pasteurized. We bottle our juice in glass to retain the flavor of the juice and because glass does not leach chemicals. Each bottle consists of 3 - 5 pounds of produce packed with enzymes, nutrients, and minerals. Our juice is handcrafted, bottled then delivered fresh to you. Our juice will maintain a 72 hour shelf life because it is a unpasteurized raw product (no preservatives or additives added. ever.)

—Elizabeth, Co-Founder

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