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Harvest Grille in Sterling, MA


"good food, done right"

27 Main Street
Sterling, MA 01564

1 miles from Sterling, MA 01564
A bit about Harvest Grille
It is really all about the food. And you.

There is nothing quite like good food, done right. That is what we do at the Harvest Grille, every day.

Good food begins with quality. We buy the freshest produce, the best meats, the finest quality fish and seafood we can find. Then we prepare our menu items to order, just for you. The few items we don’t make in-house, we carefully select for quality from vendors who care as much about food and our shared planet as we do.

Sometimes this is easy. You can only go right when you are purchasing vegetables from a neighborhood farmer in September, where you can see through the season how the fields have been treated and talk to the farmer to ask how they manage their crops.

Sometimes it is not so easy. For example, if you say you would like to have a really tasty and interesting salad in the middle of February, we have to work a little harder to find products that meet our standards, and yours.

There are many issues that weigh into the choices: farm-raised or wild caught? Grass fed or grain finished? Certified or sustainably grown? Conventional or organic? Big agriculture or little? And so many more…

What we know is that the path to good food is diverse and evolving every day. At Harvest Grille, we pledge to make thoughtful choices in order to bring you food that is good-tasting, responsibly produced, and regionally sourced.

—Parker Spring, Media Manager

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