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The Turkish Kitchen in Ashfield, MA

CateringRetail / GroceryArtisan ProducerPersonal Chef
USDA Certified Organic

We make our own...


P.O. Box 3002
Ashfield, MA 01330

2 miles from Ashfield, MA 01330
A bit about The Turkish Kitchen
The Turkish Kitchen is a woman-owned specialty foods producer, focusing on healthy, traditional Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. It is "sister" to DewGreen, my organic mini-farm, which provides several ingredients for the prepared foods I offer through the Turkish Kitchen. Try our savory pies, phyllo pastries with various fillings, easy soup mixes and other yummies.

Offerings include soup and pilaf mixes and a wide range of lunch, dinner and snack foods. All my foods are hand-made with great care and finished with blessings for my customers' health.

Find us at local farmers' markets, natural foods stores and our web sites below:



—Ipek Kursat, Chef-Farmer-Owner

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