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A bit about Daniele
With the help of our community, we created a line of charcuterie using pork raised on New England farms. Our New England inspired label was designed by students from the Rhode Island School of Design and we also worked with Chefs from Johnson and Wales University to develop new tasty recipes. We are excited to continue working with our community and support local farmers.

—Davide Dukcevich, Owner

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Local Producer Profile: Daniele by Renee Grivois
Published: March 24, 2015

Pascoag, RI - The local food movement has been steadily growing in popularity, and the trend is particularly alive and well at Daniele, Inc. in Pascoag, a RI staple since the family immigrated to the United States in 1977. One might not expect a company so large to be so driven to utilize locally-sourced products. However, Daniele is truly dedicated to the farm-to-table movement.

Davide Dukcevich, third-generation ham salesman and co-owner of Daniele, tells the story of how he first became inspired to create a local line of products with almost poetic reverence in his voice.

According to Davide, the story begins with a single farm. Having left his job as a writer for Forbes to pursue the family business, Davide would pass by a picturesque family-run farm in Burillville, Rhode Island. On one particular trip, he decided to actually stop at the farm and speak to its owners.
Thus began a partnership with Blackbird Farm. Anne Marie and Brandon, mother and son, raise a specific kind of black heritage hogs called Berkshires. They are very proud of their Berkshires, and the hogs lead a pampered life including a diet consisting of corn and soybeans and plenty of space to roam. Those hogs, and others from several more farms located throughout the New England area, are used to produce Daniele’s line of local products.

The local ham line is a passion project for Davide. He truly believes that the Rhode Island community is capable of greatness in regards to the food industry.

In addition to sourcing ham from local farmers, Davide chose to utilize students from Rhode Island colleges in the creation of Daniele’s local line of products. Students from RISD created the labels for the new products. “They really poured their hearts into the project,” Davide said. The company also enlisted teachers from Johnson & Wales University to create recipes for the new line.

Distribution is likewise close to home. Daniele’s local line of hams can currently be purchased at Dave’s Marketplace and each Saturday at the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers Market located at the Hope Artiste Village, 9:00am to 1:00pm. Find Daniele at a range of outdoor farmers markets come summertime.