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EvyTea in Boston, MA

Artisan Producer

We make our own...

"Brewed and bottled in South Boston. Smooth, Pure, Cold Brew:"

28 Damrell St,Basement Level
Boston, MA 02109

0 miles from Boston, MA 02109

(617) 429-5229

[email protected]


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28 Damrell St,Basement Level
Boston, MA 02127

A bit about EvyTea
EvyTea was born from a frustrating realization: it’s almost impossible to find bottled tea that isn’t loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our mission is to rekindle your romance with tea. We source directly from farmers, using only the highest quality, whole tea leaves. Cold brewing combines ancient steeping processes with modern innovation. We steep our leaves for 16 hours, producing a smooth, delicate flavor without the bitterness and caffeine of conventional brewing methods. The patience and dedication of the cold brew technique allows the tea to bloom slowly in the water, releasing twice as many antioxidants and polyphenols.

—Evy Chen, Maker

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