Tornado Firestarters, LLC

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Tornado Firestarters, LLC in Monson, MA

Artisan Producer

"Something good from twisted wood™"

P.O. Box 54
Monson, MA 01057

1 miles from Monson, MA 01057
A bit about Tornado Firestarters, LLC
Sustainable fire starters for campfires, BBQ grills, fireplaces, stoves, and smokers. Instant light and 10-20 minute burn starts any fire. Reduces need for kindling and paper to start the fire, thereby reducing risk for forest and chimney fires from flying embers. Compostable cup contains only storm wood chips, sawdust, and unscented food grade-wax — so it won't affect food taste. We use wood from tornado and storm-damaged trees and help plant new ones. Private labeling is available. Sold locally at Big Y, Randall's, Atkins, Graziano Gardens, Whole Foods, the Massachusetts building at the Big E, and more.

—Seth Wilson, Owner

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