Siena Farms South End

Siena Farms South End in Boston, MA

106 Waltham St
Boston, MA 02116

0 miles from Boston, MA 02116
A bit about Siena Farms South End
Encouraged by the enthusiasm of their customers, Farmer Chris and Siena Farms' market manager Trevor Sieck long dreamed of extending the harvest and availability of their produce, year-round. When Chef Barbara Lynch offered the Waltham Street space, between The Butcher Shop and Stir, the Farm crew jumped at the opportunity to open a mini farm store in the heart of this vibrant South End community.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall Siena Farms South End will offer Siena Farms produce and flowers supplemented by hand-picked produce from other regional farms, as well as a selection of specialty prepared foods from local producers including Sofra.

Siena Farms South End is nestled between The Butcher Shop, Stir, and B&G Oysters. With vegetables, flowers, the best cookbooks, beautiful meats, and fabulous seafood on offer, the corner of Tremont and Waltham streets has truly become a food lover's paradise!

—Trevor Sieck, Store Manager

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