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Like No Udder in Providence, RI

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We make our own...

"World's first all vegan soft serve ice cream truck!"

515 Hope St
Providence, RI 02906

0 miles from Providence, RI 02906

(401) 419-8869

[email protected]


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A bit about Like No Udder
Like No Udder is not only about making history (we're the world's first all vegan soft serve ice cream truck). We're also about serving delicious products that just happen to be free of all animal products. This includes dairy, eggs, animal fats and honey. Our mission is to bring smiles to peoples' faces and serve the best possible dairy-free treats available. Years of research have culminated into this dream and we hope you have a chance to share in the joy that is vegan soft serve.

In addition to non-dairy ice cream products, Like No Udder currently serves candy bars, and during day long festivals offers savory items like vegan meatball subs and vegan hot dogs. And who knows what might get added to the menu next. One thing to note that will NEVER be added are any hydrogenated ingredients. Stay tuned to find out when we might be in your neighborhood next and come share a guilt free treat. I thank you and the cows thank you!

—Karen Krinsky, Owner

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