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Rein's Real Baking in Waquoit, MA

Artisan Producer

We make our own...

"The Best Rye Bread In North America! ™"

PO Box 3046
Waquoit, MA 02536

0 miles from East Falmouth, MA 02536
A bit about Rein's Real Baking
Stone Hearth
Limited Production
Classic Artisan Bread
(& Pastries!)

I bake out of my home kitchen in Falmouth, Massachusetts. 9 months of the year I sell at arts & crafts shows, festivals and special events. During off weekends sometimes you’ll find me at my Roadstand in E. Falmouth on Rt. 28 at the Waquoit Congregational Church - Saturdays 9 to 1.

Originally a rye bread specialist, over the last 10 years I've pushed the boundaries to produce over 140 different bread and pastry products.

I have an eList which goes out every week announcing where I’ll be, what products I’ll be bringing, how to preorder, upcoming schedule, etc. Email me to get on the list, which you can get off of easily by simply clicking on the provided link.

Comments about my products since 2010:

"The best rye bread I've ever eaten!"
"The best BREAD I've ever eaten!"
"The best rye bread I've had in 8 years (30 years) (60 years)!!!"
"Can we get more? I ended up eating it all before my wife got home!"
"Ate the whole loaf between the two of us in two days!"
"Divine and slices really well."
"Very, very good."
"Thank you so much for the delicious rye bread. Our children will be lucky if there is any left for them. Great taste and texture. Just the right amount of caraway seeds. We are bread fanatics. Keep up the good work. We could use some good rye bread in this town."
"The bread is outstanding! Perfect texture, rich smell, nice caraway taste! We both loved it."
"I'm from Brooklyn and this is the bread I grew up with."
"You nailed it!"
"I'd rather have this with some butter for dessert."
"The bread of my childhood."
"Good flavor, chewy texture."
"We had the RRR with corned beef last night and it was quite a treat. It was like being in New York."
"Thank you so much for the fabulous bread - we had a taste and is it possible - this could be your best one yet!"
"LOVE the rye! I made a sandwich for lunch today with kielbasa, kraut, jarlsberg, and spicy mustard - it was absolutely delish! The outside of the bread was lightly crusty, and the inside was flavorful, moist, and dense without being too chewy. I haven't had rye this good since my German grandmother used to bake fresh bread when I was little!"
"Thank you so much for the bread!! It should be the gold standard by which others are judged."
"The rye bread is fantastic--I am eating it without anything on it--as it is so good!"
"I haven't had rye bread that good in YEARS!!!! You hit it on the head. I'm very impressed."
"Oh, my, GOD!" (Heard many times over the years…)
"I'm from Bremerhaven and bakers there make this same product".
" Exactly like the deli".
" I just had a few slices ... with a decent Malbec wine and a touch of Smart Balance spread on top. This is definitely the best rye bread that I have tasted. Perfect texture, very smooth and warm flavor. Great crust. A lot of thought and effort went into this recipe. Really well done. "
"Hi there, I was grilling some seafood sausage today. I cut a nice slice of Rein's rye, buttered it up and put it on the grill. Fabulous!!! We have a new favorite item."
"My husband and I ate the half loaf of Rye bread that I bought from you with
a delicious parsnip and carrot soup. We sliced and toasted the bread twice,
like you recommended, and spread butter on it. It was a lovely meal
and a delicious bread. Thanks for making my husband happy for me!"
"I brought a loaf to Stuttgart, Germany and my friends there loved it!"
"My sister purchased one of your loaves, the one with the raisins, and it got completely devoured by her incorrigible dogs." (Canines love Swedish Rye too, I guess!)
"You truly produce a phenomenally delicious product. Thanks!"
"I drove all the way from New Jersey this morning to get your bread".
"I can't tell you what a success the bread and pretzels were! Everyone exclaimed again each time they were served."

"Just wanted to let you know that the pretzel was yummy! Shared it for lunch today with fruit & cheddar - mine with a dipping of mustard, Tom's without. Enjoyed it both ways! Had slices of the Swedish rye with beef barley soup for supper & loved the combination! Definitely a winner at our house! Thanks for making our meals today! Connie N"

"I'm never going to be able to eat another regular pretzel again (after eating your Soft Rye Pretzels)."

"I think your bread and pretzels are absolutely fantastic, and I really appreciate your commitment to producing such a fine thing the old fashioned way.  Thank you so much for what you do."

"Dad, this is yummy!"

"That rocks!" (referring to the Swedish Rye)

"There's no lip service happening when I say, Tarragon Rye (really all of them) is truly something special. Aromatic and simply perfect. Thanks for all your hard work!"

"I tasted a sample yesterday and dreamed about your bread last night and had to come and get some today." (On the second day of a two-day craft show.)

"My mother & I bought some of your mini Ciabatta loafs at the Craft fair last Saturday at Keefe Tech in Framingham. It was Fantastic!"

"Your bread really does freeze fabulously!"

"My husband brought home a loaf of your rye bread which he purchased at the
Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford. I would like to know if you
ship your bread (we live in Westport, Ma.) and how much it would cost. The
bread was the best I have had in many years and I would love to have some
on hand."

"We just received our order and I've already dug into the bread and cookies and ruined myself for dinner. I will put your check in the mail tomorrow."

Referring to the Mediterranean Olive Ciabatta, "thank you...I just had the best bread I have ever eaten!"

"Your baked goods were huge hits! Everyone loved all varieties, including the pastries. I arrived too late to sample the pull-aparts but reviews indicate young and old were big fans. Our hostess salted away a couple loaves to save for herself and her husband. She wrote to me today with high accolades. She may well be in touch with you in the future to place her own order."

"We had people in town for Christmas - and there was always a loaf of rye on the cutting board, ready to be toasted, and everyone raved about it!"

"Oh my god! The smoked Gouda ROCKS. We are both in intense agreement…"

"The texture and flavor is rare, a sensation you can sink your teeth into
with bursts of aromatics reminiscent of the sweet past when bread was
lovingly made loaf by loaf, and love was infused into every single bite. I
do not know how to go back to anything else, nor do I wish to. Thank you
for bread I can break with family and friends that brings us together with
such warmth, reminiscence, and freaking awesomeness."

"I met you today at Mahoney's (Garden Center, E. Falmouth). I bought the Italian Herb Ciabatta, the Cranberry Banana Oat Cookie and the Carrot Health Muffin. Delicious - everything I tried. The
textures (were) perfect. I just had the bread with a little extra sharp cheese.
Best bread I've ever had...perfect. Worth every penny! So glad to have
met you! Cookie was delicious too. Keep me on your list! Thank you!"

"Just had your Gouda bread . It's very Gouda!!!! Can't stop eating it. Thank you! Your muffins are great too. Ok everything is good?"

"Those were THE MOST DELICIOUS baked goods I have ever had. Thanks for making monday mornings a little extra awesome :)"

"These are the best muffins I've ever had!" (Referring to the Carrot Health Muffins.)

(About the Red Lentil Curry Handy Pie) "Keep 'em coming! I will NOT be sharing the second one with my husband. It's MINE. You make a mean pie crust and the filling was good, too. I will be back for more! I heated the hand pie for 20 seconds in the microwave to take the chill off and enjoyed a spinach, tomato, cucumber salad with zesty lime vinaigrette on the side. Delicious lunch!" Betty

(About the Chocolate Cherry Bread - one of my light whole wheat breads) "Picked up my two breads from this morning, and had a slice of the chocolate bread toasted with a dab of coconut oil. Delicious! Will buy this bread again." Janet

"We enjoyed toasted garlic ciabatta with some home made turkey chili tonight. Very nice companion for the chili!" Betty & Rick

"The Red Lentil Curry Handy Pies were absolutely outstanding - pastry shell as well as filling!!!" Dave & Dorothea

"Yesterday my husband and I purchased a loaf of your Smoked Gouda bread (Smoked Gouda Cheese) from the Framingham Police Auxiliary’s Craft Fair and we both agree that it’s easily the best loaf of bread we’ve ever had! In fact, it’s almost gone! We also bought some of your ginger chewies (Ginger Chewies) and they were incredible!!! Congratulations on a wonderful, delicious, nourishing product!!” Kelly


“A religious experience” (referring to the Mediterranean-Olive Ciabatta)

"Hello - no order today because the freezer... is completely full. However, we want you to know that we really enjoyed the (Herbes de Provence) Ciabatta - was especially fine with split pea soup. We saved the Cranberry Triple Chocolate Brownies for today when our daughter and granddaughter came for lunch. Major success!!!!! Absolutely divine!!!! They will definitely be on next week’s order. Many thanks."

—Rein Ciarfella, Baker!

Rein's Real Baking
Rein's Real Baking

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