Farm What's Growing Distribution Town
A Abair Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Wood Pickup Brimfield
23 mi
B Barnum & Buckley Farm Meat   Southwick
15 mi
Benny's Beef Meat Restaurants, Wholesale West Brookfield
24 mi
Bootstrap Farm Club featuring Beaulieu Beef Meat
Farmers Markets, Retailer, Artisan Producer Cataumet
110 mi
Burke Ridge Farms Honey + Maple, Meat, Nursery + Flowers Farmers Markets, Farm Stand Ellington, CT
24 mi
C Calamity Farm Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Fiber, Breeding Stock Farm Stand West Suffield, CT
14 mi
Carl Popielarz Pig Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat   South Hadley
3 mi
Cedar Ledge Farm Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Grains + Feeds, Dry Goods, Fiber, Breeding Stock Pickup, Restaurants Somers, CT
19 mi
Charter Acres Meat, Wood, Nursery + Flowers, Grains + Feeds Farmers Markets, Farm Stand Ellington, CT
20 mi
Chestnut Farms Meat, Wood, Family Fun
Pickup, Farmers Markets, CSA, Restaurants Hardwick
23 mi
Cobblerock Ridge Angora Goat & Poultry Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Fiber, Breeding Stock Farm Stand Stafford Springs, CT
20 mi
Copper Hill Farm Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers Farmers Markets West Suffield, CT
15 mi
Copperhead Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Breeding Stock, Family Fun
Delivery, Pickup, North Hadley Sugar Shack, Farmers Markets, CSA, Restaurants, Wholesale Hadley
11 mi
Cozie Nook Gardens Meat, Wood, Nursery + Flowers, Specialty, Fiber Farmers Markets, Farm Stand Ashfield
25 mi
Crescent Moon Farm Meat
Pickup Amherst
12 mi
D Deerfield Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers, Beverages, Spreads, Specialty, Baked Goods, Pet Food, Fiber Farm Stand, PYO South Deerfield
21 mi
E Echodale Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Grains + Feeds, Fiber
6 mi
Erica Fearn Meat Goats Meat   West Suffield, CT
14 mi
F Farm Fresh Rhode Island - Regionally Sourced Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Seafood, Grains + Feeds, Beverages, Spreads, Specialty, Dry Goods Farmers Markets, Distributor, Artisan Producer Pawtucket, RI
67 mi
Fleisher's Meats Meat Artisan Producer Kingston, NY
74 mi
Forty Acres Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat
organic certified
CSA Granby
7 mi
Four Leaf Farm Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers, Specialty, Baked Goods, Fiber Delivery, Pickup, Restaurants Southwick
12 mi
G Gastros Craft Meats Meat, Spreads, Specialty, Baked Goods
Farmers Markets, Caterer, Retailer, Distributor, Artisan Producer Woonsocket, RI
59 mi
Grass Hill Alpacas Meat, Fiber, Breeding Stock, Family Fun Farm Stand Haydenville
14 mi
Greenhorn Farm Meat
Farm Stand Amherst
12 mi
H Hoffman Family Farm / Luann's Bakery Meat, Baked Goods Farmers Markets, Farm Stand Ellington, CT
20 mi
L Lily's Ladle Meat, Specialty Farmers Markets, Artisan Producer Cranston, RI
69 mi
Litchfield Locker Meat, Specialty Artisan Producer Litchfield, CT
42 mi
Lucky 13 Cattle Company Meat Delivery, Pickup, Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, Restaurants, Wholesale Ellington, CT
20 mi
Luther Belden Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat Pickup Hatfield
14 mi
M Morning Light Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat   Brimfield
22 mi
m Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Breeding Stock Pickup Ellington, CT
22 mi
N Nicholson Family Farm Meat   East Granby, CT
18 mi
Not Listed Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Specialty   Douglas
O Open View Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Meat, Fiber, Family Fun
some organic
24 mi
P Park Farm Meat, Breeding Stock Restaurants Melrose, CT
19 mi
S Saugatuck Craft Butchery Meat Artisan Producer Westport, CT
84 mi
Scantic Valley Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Family Fun Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, PYO Somers, CT
18 mi
Shady Pine Farm Dairy + Eggs, Meat Farmers Markets, CSA New Braintree
24 mi
Simmons Farm Meat   Suffield, CT
16 mi
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