Farm What's Growing Distribution Town
Waterfield Farms / Bioshelters Herbs, Seafood, Spreads   Amherst
37 mi
Australis Aquaculture Seafood
Pickup, Wholesale to seafood distributors in WMASS only., Restaurants, Schools, Wholesale Turners Falls
41 mi
Pepe's Cream Of The Crop Seafood Farmers Markets Stratford, CT
81 mi
Westport Aquaculture Seafood Farmers Markets, Restaurants, Wholesale Westport, CT
84 mi
Ned's Island Oysters Seafood   Darien, CT
91 mi
Matt's The Amazing Smokehouse Seafood, Spreads, Specialty Farmers Markets, Artisan Producer Sudbury
96 mi
Noank Aquaculture Cooperative Seafood Restaurants, Wholesale Noank, CT
97 mi
Bomster Scallops Seafood
Delivery, Pickup, Farmers Markets, Restaurants, Schools Stonington, CT
98 mi
Foggy Notion Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Seafood, Dry Goods
Farmers Markets Johnston, RI
98 mi
New Urban Farmers Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Seafood, Nursery + Flowers, Pet Food
Farmers Markets, CSA Pawtucket, RI
101 mi
Watch Hill Farms Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Dairy + Eggs, Seafood, Nursery + Flowers, Specialty
Pickup, Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, Restaurants Westerly, RI
102 mi
Farm Fresh Rhode Island - Regionally Sourced Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy + Eggs, Seafood, Beverages, Specialty, Baked Goods, Dry Goods Farmers Markets, Distributor, Artisan Producer Pawtucket, RI
102 mi
Watch Hill Oysters
profiled farm
Seafood Wholesale Westerly, RI
104 mi
Behan Family Farm Seafood   Charlestown, RI
105 mi
Sea Fresh Seafood Distributor, Artisan Producer North Kingstown, RI
106 mi
Ricciarelli Oysters Seafood Wholesale North Kingstown, RI
107 mi
Ninigret Oyster Farm Seafood, Family Fun Farmers Markets, Restaurants, Wholesale Charlestown, RI
107 mi
Rome Point Oysters Seafood Wholesale North Kingstown, RI
108 mi
Salt Water Farms Seafood
Delivery, Pickup, Farm Stand, Restaurants, Wholesale North Kingstown, RI
108 mi
Walrus And Carpenter Oysters Seafood
  Charlestown, RI
108 mi
Barr Family Farm Vegetables, Herbs, Seafood, Nursery + Flowers Delivery, Restaurants Rehoboth
108 mi
End-O-Main Lobster Seafood Pickup, Farm Stand Wickford, 39
108 mi
American Mussel Harvesters Seafood Farmers Markets, Distributor, Artisan Producer North Kingstown, RI
108 mi
Moonstone Oysters Seafood Wholesale Wakefield, RI
109 mi
Matunuck Vegetable Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Seafood
organic certified
Farmers Markets Matunuck, RI
111 mi
SecondsFirst Seafood Farmers Markets, Artisan Producer Warren, RI
111 mi
Matunuck Oyster Farm Seafood, Family Fun Delivery, Farmers Markets, Restaurants, Wholesale Wakefield, RI
112 mi
Windfall Shellfish Seafood Wholesale Bristol, RI
112 mi
Salt Pond Oyster Company Seafood
  Narragansett, RI
112 mi
The Local Catch Seafood Farmers Markets, CSA, Restaurants, Wholesale Narragansett, RI
113 mi
Wild Rhody and F/V Elizabeth Helen Seafood Restaurants Narragansett, RI
113 mi
Moonstone Oysters Seafood   Narragansett, RI
113 mi
F/V Sandra Lynn Seafood Restaurants, Wholesale Narragansett, RI
113 mi
Chessawanock Island Oyster Co. Seafood   Portsmouth, RI
113 mi
Andrade's Catch Seafood Pickup, Farm Stand, Restaurants, Schools, Wholesale Bristol, RI
113 mi
Bluff Hill Cove Oyster Co. Seafood, Promotional Materials, Family Fun
Restaurants, Wholesale Narragansett, RI
113 mi
Red's Best Seafood Seafood Farmers Markets, Distributor, Artisan Producer Boston
114 mi
Sakonnet Oyster Company Seafood Restaurants, Wholesale Tiverton, RI
117 mi
Newport Lobster Shack Seafood Farmers Markets, Farm Stand Newport, RI
117 mi
Sun Farm Oysters Seafood
Restaurants, Wholesale Block Island, RI
119 mi
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