Framingham / Village Green

Framingham / Village Green Farmers Market

Thursday: 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM
June 14 to October 11, 2018

Next open: Thursday, August 16, 2018 what to expect?

Village Green at Framingham Center
2 Vernon Street
A bit about the Framingham / Village Green Farmers Market
Farmers Market Open every Thursday mid June - mid Oct.Noon - 5:30. Featured farmers: Hanson's Farm; Flats Mentor; Silvia's Farm. Other vendors include Velma's Kettlecorn; Captain Marden Fish; Great Harvest Bread; to name a few!

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E. L. Silvia Farms
Dighton, MA

Flats Mentor Farm
Lancaster, MA

Hanson's Farm
Framingham, MA

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


BlueberriesHanson's FarmPeachesE. L. Silvia FarmsWatermelonsE. L. Silvia Farms


BeetsE. L. Silvia FarmsBroccoliE. L. Silvia FarmsBrussel sproutsE. L. Silvia FarmsCabbageE. L. Silvia FarmsCauliflowerE. L. Silvia FarmsCeleryE. L. Silvia FarmsChili peppersE. L. Silvia FarmsCollardsE. L. Silvia FarmsCornE. L. Silvia Farms
Hanson's Farm
CucumbersE. L. Silvia FarmsEggplantE. L. Silvia FarmsFava beansE. L. Silvia FarmsGreen beansE. L. Silvia FarmsKaleE. L. Silvia FarmsKohlrabiE. L. Silvia FarmsLettuceE. L. Silvia FarmsPeppersE. L. Silvia FarmsPotatoesE. L. Silvia FarmsSummer squashE. L. Silvia FarmsTomatillosE. L. Silvia FarmsTomatoesE. L. Silvia FarmsWinter squashE. L. Silvia FarmsZucchiniE. L. Silvia Farms

Dairy + Eggs

Eggs (chicken)Hanson's Farm

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


CantaloupeE. L. Silvia FarmsNectarinesE. L. Silvia FarmsPlumsE. L. Silvia FarmsRaspberriesHanson's FarmStrawberriesHanson's Farm


PumpkinsE. L. Silvia Farms
Hanson's Farm

Nursery + Flowers

MumsHanson's Farm