Tiverton Farmers Market

Tuesday: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
June 16 to October 27, 2020

Next open: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 what to expect?

Sandywoods Venue
43 Muse Way

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A bit about the Tiverton Farmers Market
A local farmers market situated right smack in the middle of this cozy town of Tiverton, RI. Connecting the community to fresh and local produce, agriculture and workshops coming soon.

Who's at this market Show vendors on map

Beth Bakes

Beth Bakes
Middletown, RI

Gnarly Vines Farm

Gnarly Vines Farm
Tiverton, RI

Young Family Farm
Little Compton, RI

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


ApplesYoung Family FarmElderberriesSeaside BotanicalsPeachesYoung Family FarmRose hipsSeaside BotanicalsWatermelonsYoung Family Farm


ArugulaYoung Family FarmBeetsYoung Family FarmBroccoliYoung Family FarmBrussels sproutsYoung Family FarmCabbageYoung Family FarmCarrotsYoung Family FarmChili peppersYoung Family FarmCollardsYoung Family FarmCornYoung Family FarmCucumbersYoung Family FarmEdible flowersSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
EggplantYoung Family FarmGarlic (cured)Young Family FarmGourdsYoung Family FarmGreen beansYoung Family FarmHorseradishYoung Family FarmKaleYoung Family FarmLettuceYoung Family FarmPeppersYoung Family FarmPotatoesYoung Family FarmPumpkinsYoung Family FarmRhubarbYoung Family FarmShallotsYoung Family FarmSpinachYoung Family FarmSummer squashYoung Family FarmSwiss chardYoung Family FarmTomatoesYoung Family FarmTomatoes (cherry)Young Family FarmTurnipsYoung Family FarmWinter squashYoung Family FarmZucchiniYoung Family Farm


AniseSeaside BotanicalsBasilSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
ChivesYoung Family FarmCilantroYoung Family FarmCorianderYoung Family FarmDillSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
LavenderSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
Lemon balmSeaside BotanicalsMarjoramYoung Family FarmMintSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
OreganoSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
ParsleySeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
RosemarySeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
SageSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
TarragonYoung Family FarmThymeSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm

Dairy + Eggs

Eggs (chicken)Gnarly Vines FarmEggs (duck)Gnarly Vines Farm


BeefGnarly Vines FarmBoarGnarly Vines FarmChickenGnarly Vines FarmDuckGnarly Vines FarmGoatGnarly Vines FarmMuttonGnarly Vines FarmPorkGnarly Vines FarmRabbitGnarly Vines FarmTurkeyGnarly Vines Farm

Nursery + Flowers

AnnualsYoung Family FarmBedding plantsYoung Family FarmCorn stalksYoung Family FarmCut FlowersSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
Hanging basketsYoung Family FarmHerb plantsYoung Family FarmMumsYoung Family FarmPerennialsYoung Family FarmSunflowersYoung Family FarmVegetable startsYoung Family Farm


TeaSeaside Botanicals


Jam + JellyYoung Family FarmPestoYoung Family FarmSalsaYoung Family Farm


Apple sauceYoung Family FarmDecorative gourdsYoung Family FarmDried FlowersSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm
Dried HerbsSeaside BotanicalsHarvest DecorationsYoung Family FarmHerbal Tonics + TincturesSeaside BotanicalsInfused vinegarSeaside BotanicalsLotionSeaside BotanicalsPicklesYoung Family FarmRelishYoung Family FarmSoapSeaside BotanicalsVeggie BoxYoung Family FarmWreathsSeaside Botanicals
Young Family Farm

Baked Goods

BreadYoung Family FarmCakesYoung Family FarmCookies + PastriesYoung Family FarmGluten-freeBeth BakesMuffinsYoung Family FarmPiesYoung Family Farm

Pet Food

CatnipSeaside Botanicals

HatsYoung Family FarmStickersYoung Family FarmT-shirtsYoung Family Farm

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


BlueberriesYoung Family FarmCantaloupeYoung Family FarmFigsGnarly Vines FarmMelonsYoung Family FarmNectarinesYoung Family FarmPearsYoung Family FarmStrawberriesGnarly Vines Farm
Young Family Farm


DandelionSeaside BotanicalsGarlic ScapesYoung Family FarmNettlesSeaside BotanicalsOnions (uncured or w/ greens)Young Family FarmPeas (snap)Young Family Farm