Sankofa World Market

Wednesday: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
June 20 to October 31, 2018

Next open: June 20

Knight Memorial Library
275 Elmwood Ave
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RIPTA Buses: 20

A bit about the Sankofa World Market
The Sankofa Initiative through West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation began as an idea in 2011 in hopes of deepening the connection of West End residents by fostering cultivation of land, lives, and community.
The Sankofa World Market seeks to improve nutritional, economic and social opportunities in Providence’s West End. It offers affordable, convenient, culturally appropriate, fresh, healthy and locally-produced food and connects customers with West End craftspeople, artists and entrepreneurs. Sankofa World Market is the West End’s public marketplace, where neighbors access important community information, build relationships with each other and participate in lively community life.

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


ApplesPezza FarmRaspberriesSouthside Community Land Trust Community Growers


ArugulaPezza FarmAsian greensSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersBroccoliPezza FarmCabbagePezza FarmCollardsSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersEscarolePezza FarmFennelPezza FarmGreen beansPezza FarmKalePezza FarmMustard greensSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersOnions (uncured or w/ greens)Southside Community Land Trust Community GrowersSalad greensSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersSpinachSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersSummer squashPezza FarmSwiss chardPezza FarmZucchiniPezza Farm


BasilPezza FarmChivesPezza FarmCilantroPezza Farm
Southside Community Land Trust Community Growers
DillPezza FarmLemon VerbenaPezza FarmMintPezza Farm
Southside Community Land Trust Community Growers
OreganoPezza FarmParsleyPezza FarmRosemaryPezza FarmSagePezza FarmSavorySouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersThymePezza Farm

Nursery + Flowers

Bedding plantsPezza FarmCut FlowersPezza FarmHerb plantsSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersNursery stockPezza FarmSunflowersPezza Farm

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


BlueberriesPezza FarmPeachesPezza FarmPearsPezza FarmStrawberriesPezza Farm


Brussel sproutsPezza FarmCallalooSouthside Community Land Trust Community GrowersCauliflowerPezza FarmCornPezza FarmCucumbersPezza FarmEggplantPezza FarmGarlic (cured)Southside Community Land Trust Community GrowersGourdsPezza FarmOnions (cured)Southside Community Land Trust Community GrowersPeppersPezza FarmPumpkinsPezza FarmTomatoesPezza FarmWinter squashPezza Farm

Nursery + Flowers

Christmas TreesPezza Farm