Central Falls 2018
Central Falls 2018 Central Falls 2018Central Falls 2018Central Falls 2018

Central Falls 2018 Farmers Market

Wednesday: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
July 11 to October 31, 2018

Next open: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 what to expect?

559 Dexter Street
559 Dexter Street
Central Falls
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Sidewalk Ends Farm

Sidewalk Ends Farm
Providence, RI

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


ArugulaSidewalk Ends FarmBeetsSidewalk Ends FarmCarrotsSidewalk Ends FarmCollardsSidewalk Ends FarmEggplantSidewalk Ends FarmGarlic (cured)Sidewalk Ends FarmGreen beansSidewalk Ends FarmKaleSidewalk Ends FarmLeeksSidewalk Ends FarmLettuceSidewalk Ends FarmMustard greensSidewalk Ends FarmPeas (snap)Sidewalk Ends FarmPotatoesSidewalk Ends FarmRadishesSidewalk Ends FarmSalad greensSidewalk Ends FarmScallions/Green OnionsSidewalk Ends FarmSpinachSidewalk Ends FarmSweet potatoesSidewalk Ends FarmSwiss chardSidewalk Ends FarmTomatillosSidewalk Ends FarmTomatoesSidewalk Ends FarmTurnipsSidewalk Ends FarmWinter squashSidewalk Ends FarmZucchiniSidewalk Ends Farm


BasilSidewalk Ends FarmCilantroSidewalk Ends FarmDillSidewalk Ends FarmHopsSidewalk Ends FarmLemon balmSidewalk Ends FarmMintSidewalk Ends FarmOreganoSidewalk Ends FarmParsleySidewalk Ends FarmSageSidewalk Ends FarmThymeSidewalk Ends Farm

Nursery + Flowers

Cut FlowersSidewalk Ends FarmSunflowersSidewalk Ends Farm

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


DandelionSidewalk Ends FarmEdible flowersSidewalk Ends FarmGarlic (uncured or w/ stalks)Sidewalk Ends FarmGarlic ScapesSidewalk Ends FarmNettlesSidewalk Ends FarmOnions (uncured or w/ greens)Sidewalk Ends FarmSummer squashSidewalk Ends Farm


ShisoSidewalk Ends Farm