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Otis Farmers Market

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
May 13 to October 7, 2017
L & M Auto / Papa's Healthy Food and Fue
2000 East Otis Rd.
East Otis
A bit about the Otis Farmers Market
We are a local farmer's market that began 12 years ago. We have roughly 15 vendors who are also local farmers from the Otis area. We are a 75% grower's market! We provide our local community with our local, farm-fresh goods. We also believe in educating our community on the importance of buying local. As a whole we are a connected group of people who share a common goal ~ support our farms by supporting your local farmer's market.

Events Calendar at Otis

Don't miss out on our CSM's (Community Supported Market) shares, beginning July 1st and ending September 2nd. Take part in receiving the best of what the OFM has to offer!

Who's at this market

Let us know who is at this market.

Foods at the Market*

Though every season is unique, we use our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces to provide a good guess as to what will be available at the market each week. But we don't have details on which farmers come to this market. If you do, let us know.