Shy Brothers Farm Shy Brothers FarmShy Brothers FarmShy Brothers Farm

Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, MA GAP certified

Founded in 1946, Shy Brothers Farm is a 200 acre farm run by Santos Brothers.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.

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4 miles from Westport, MA 02790
(508) 965-6560 preferred
(508) 636-8826


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PO Box 422
Westport Point, MA 02791

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A little about Shy Brothers Farm
Makers of
-Hannahbells, delicious individually-molded thimbles of cheese in French, Chipotle, Rosemary, Shallot and Lavender. All flavors have won 1st or 2nd at either the American Cheese Society, Big E, and international competitions!

-Cloumage, divine artisanal curd, also won its first year out at the American Cheese Society!

-mozzarella curd for Fiore Di Nonna of Cambridge. Yum!

As artisan cheesemakers, we are committed to the highest quality delicious cheeses, unique to our area and the United States. We make those "cheese thimbles," individually-molded tiny buttons of cheese, that you may have heard about, and Cloumage, an incredibly versatile curd with a 4-month shelf life.

We believe that we can make our dairy farm prosperous, while providing a model for other dairy farmers to convert to value-added products--keeping dairy alive in Southern New England!

We make our cheeses with our own very fresh milk from our Holstein and Ayrshire cows. Our cows are never given hormones or preventative antibiotics. Cows are pastured 6-7 months a year, and receive feed grown right on the farm for the rest of the year. We are third-generation, extremely conscientious dairy farmers, and just as shy. Please contact our partner, Barbara Hanley, who isn't.

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Shy Brothers Farm Shy Brothers Farm

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