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Browning Homestead Farm in Matunuck, RI chemical-free

Founded in 1657, Browning Homestead Farm is a 135 acre farm run by Bill Browning and his wife Roberta Mulholland Browning.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

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0 miles from Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 783-9239

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A little about Browning Homestead Farm
Local. Natural. Humane. Preservation - of farms and livestock. These are watchwords of our philosophy at Browning Homestead Farm, a National Bicentennial farm.

We only sell meat from livestock born and raised on our farm. We know that every day of its life was spent outside, first at its mother's side and then in a herd that included its mother. We know everything it ate. We know it was not given medications, growth hormones or antibiotics because it was always under our care. We never buy in animals for food, we don't buy other farms' culls, we don't buy animals at auctions.

When you eat our grass fed beef, rose veal, lamb or pork you can trust that you are eating only what what was born on our farm and cared for by us for all of its life. That's our philosophy and our guarantee.

Bill Browning is the eleventh generation of his family producing wholesome food on the Browning Homestead Farm in Matunuck, RI. The oldest working dairy farm in Rhode Island until Bill phased the dairy out in mid-2009, today the farm is proud to offer beef, lamb and pork grown on only the grass and forages we raise in Matunuck. We raise Irish Dexter cattle and Irish Dexter crosses. Our sheep that become lamb for the table are all crossbreeds, from a flock we have developed and which we call our "South County Special" breed. Our flock comes from Hampshire, Suffolk, Katahdin, Shropshire and Dorset sheep, and the replacements we have bred and kept to improve our flock over 28 years. Our ewes are fed vegetarian grain during gestation and lactation, ensuring their nutritional needs are met to lamb healthy lambs in the spring. Our lamb for the table are fed grass, hay, and baleage we raise and put up ourselves. Our lamb is never gamey because of our breeding stock, their natural slow growth, being able to run free from the time they are born, and not being fed grain to force fast growth for quick market.

We also raise American Guinea Hogs (AGH), the original American Homesteader Hog, on grass and forage, with a small amount of supplemental vegetarian grain for our sows during pregnancy and lactation. Our AGHs grow slowly and naturally on grass and the forage we raise and put up for the winter, and are especially renowned for gourmet quality pork.

It's a longer process to raise livestock the way we do, to breed and raise the livestock for the table, to care for them every day of their lives, but we know it's better for the livestock, better for the long term life of our farm, and it's a better, healthier, fresher final product to serve you and your family.

In addition to preserving the history of our farm, we are committed to preserving the old breeds of livestock that are meant to grow and thrive on grass and in the natural environment of Matunuck, RI, but whose very existence has been threatened by the 20th century demand for fast growing, inexpensive meat.

Our meat is processed in USDA inspected facilities in accordance with all laws and food safety regulations. Once we pick up our cut meat, we continue to ensure it is always handled in the safest manner. We keep our meat freezers at -20 degrees F. in our licensed farm store. We take our meat to the farmers' markets in our running 'market' freezers that are also kept at -20 degrees F. When electricity is unavailable at the markets, we run our market freezers off a generator. We want you to be assured of the safe and legal chain of handling of our meat, from our farm to your table.