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Endless Farm LLC in Johnston, RI organic certified

Founded in 2018, Endless Farm LLC is a 1 acre farm run by Rebecca Roberts.
90 Brown Ave
Johnston, RI

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0 miles from Johnston, RI 02919
(703) 400-4706

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A little about Endless Farm LLC
Endless Farm grows certified organic greens, herbs, and edible flowers in beautiful Snake Den State Park. We use mulches and hand tools to improve long-term soil quality and leave a light footprint. Produce is always harvested within 24 hours of delivery for the freshest, most nutritious, longest-lasting vegetables. Pickup at the farm or get your order delivered to your home - order at endlessfarmri.com! We also accept SNAP for delivery or pickup as of May 2020 - stay tuned for details!

***Please note during cold weather, items will be unwashed as the wash station is outside. Thanks for your patience!



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Nursery + Flowers

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Farm Profile: Endless Farm LLC by Christie Dooley
Published: May 22, 2020

Johnston, RI - Situated on the edge of Snake Den State Park in Johnston, RI, Endless Farm grows organic greens, herbs, and edible flowers with a mission: to offer more nutritious produce to wider markets while leaving the lightest possible footprint on the environment.

Upon founding Endless Farm in 2018, Rebecca Roberts decided to test out the application of no-till farming practices in an organic, small-scale context. Drawing on her academic background in soil science, Rebecca recognized that persistent weed management and tillage could eventually damage the structure of the soil, rendering the land more susceptible to floods and droughts over time. With this in mind, Endless Farm aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of the soil, especially considering the looming effects of climate change. This theory is still the driving force behind Endless Farm; Rebecca is always finding new, organic ways to manage weeds and crops without tillage. Most recently, Endless Farm is planning to put in hedgerows and pollinator strips to support the wildlife of Snake Den State Park. The presence of foxes, rabbits, and insects is both delightful and practical; such biodiversity reduces pest pressure on the farm in the most natural way.

Rebecca is happy to announce that as of January 2020, Endless Farm is Certified Organic. Endless Farm is also growing a number of new (organic!) crops this year, including bush peas, broccoli rabe, and fennel. This is exciting news for wholesale buyers and individual consumers alike. Endless Farm aspires to eventually sustain the growth of such crops throughout the entire year, while still adhering to no-till practices — endless greens and endless herbs on an endless farm!

Endless Farm and Market Mobile

Endless Farm chooses to utilize Farm Fresh RI's Market Mobile service to distribute products for multiple good reasons. First of all, Market Mobile connects Endless Farm with more buyers throughout the Northeast region, including a number of restaurants and cooperatives near Boston, MA.

Since March, Market Mobile has also begun allowing residential customers to utilize the service, traditionally intended for wholesales buyers. This means individuals are now buying smaller quantities from Endless Farm more regularly, especially as the communityi continues to take the necessary precautions against the spread of the COVID-19.

Like other local businesses, Endless Farm has been prioritizing the welfare of consumers this growing season, and even delayed planting by two weeks to carry out a proper quarantine and decrease risk to consumers and staff. Fortunately, Endless Farm can still reach individual buyers in our community while supporting social distancing procedures with Market Mobile. Endless Farm hopes that local restaurants, schools, and other wholesale buyers will be able to re-open their doors this summer. The farm looks forward to offering these customers nutritious and long-lasting herbs and vegetables!