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Moonlight Farm in Ashby, MA chemical-free

Founded in 2013, Moonlight Farm is a 4 acre farm run by Megan Glennon.
148 County Rd
Ashby, MA

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0 miles from Ashby, MA 01431
(978) 877-2274

E-mail [email protected] preferred

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A little about Moonlight Farm
We are a small family farm in Ashby. We raise pigs, chickens and a couple cows alongside two of vegetables. We boast our own growing method, “off ‘cides” because we don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on our veggies. Our own animals’ manure is composted and added to our fields for optimal growth and health. We raise our animals with the utmost respect and care, allowing them to engage in all of their natural behaviors, with no limitation. We never use hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or even artificial insemination on our animals. We let them breed the old fashioned way!
We offer ONLY our own meat and eggs. Our animals are treated with lots of love, allowing them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. They are fed local, GMO-free grain.