P&L Bayside Apiary P&L Bayside Apiary P&L Bayside ApiaryP&L Bayside Apiary

P&L Bayside Apiary in Barrington, RI some organic

Founded in 2014, P&L Bayside Apiary is run by Liying Peng.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.

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7 Pine Top Rd
Barrington, RI 02806

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A little about P&L Bayside Apiary
We focus on producing single-source wild flower honey, which we define as raw honey from one location and one time period. Our honey is all-natural, made proudly in Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts by our own honeybees, and possesses no flavor or color additives of any sort. All our bee hives live in either certified organic farms or on conservation lands to ensure best quality food for the bees.

We also harvest comb honey and pure bee wax. The bees construct hexagonal-shaped cells of beeswax on that foundation and fill each cell with honey. Honey comb is cut directly from the beehive frame for sale. Rendered from our honeycomb cappings, our pure beeswax is free of chemical residues and is imbued with honey and bee scent perfect for homemade candles, salves, or lotions.

With the support from the Rhode Island Queen Grant project, we raise bees (nucs) and queens locally in Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts to provide genetically superior and weather adapted breeds.

Honey Care: To best preserve the delicate flavors of your honey, we recommend storing it at room temperature 57°F (14°C) away from direct light or extreme fluctuations in temperature. Pure honey never needs refrigeration and never spoils! Crystallization is a natural occurrence in honey. Honey can be made liquid again with gentle, slow warming not above 113°F (45° C). Bayside Honey is raw and lightly filtered.

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P&L Bayside Apiary P&L Bayside Apiary

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