Stone Labyrinth Farm Stone Labyrinth Farm Stone Labyrinth FarmStone Labyrinth FarmStone Labyrinth FarmStone Labyrinth Farm

Stone Labyrinth Farm in Belmont, NH

Stone Labyrinth Farm is run by Glenn Crawford.
70 Bishop Road
Belmont, NH

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3 miles from Belmont, NH 03220
(603) 998-7133

E-mail [email protected] preferred

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A little about Stone Labyrinth Farm
We care about farming.

Was it grown using petrochemicals or in rich, natural compost?

Was it raised humanely or packed tightly in a filthy Confined Animal Feed Operation (CAFO)?

Does the food strengthen and nourish our bodies?

Are we contributing to our local economy or are our dollars traveling 5,000 miles on the truck the produce came in on?

Was it grown in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner?

Did the producer feel any connection to the earth?
Does it actually taste good?

At Stone Labyrinth Farm we’re making our own answers to these questions:

How was it Grown: All natural, without chemicals and sustainable, using resources conscientiously, heirloom varieties and GMO Free

How was it Raised: All natural, sustainable, without antibiotics or hormones. Free range or on pasture, heritage breeds when available and always treated with love!

Contributing to the Community: All products grown, raised and produced at Stone Labyrinth farm are sold within 30 miles of the homestead.

Connecting to the Earth: We live here, therefore it is our responsibility as well as our pleasure to be good stewards to the land. Treat it with respect and the land gives us gifts beyond measure. Abuse it and it shrivels and dies. We revel each day in the incalculable miracles around us. From the small chick hatching, to the majestic maples, we are grateful for the bounty the land provides.

Taste: There is a clear superiority in natural, locally grown foods! Try it and see.

Have questions or interested in taking a tour of the farm – contact us at: [email protected] or 603-998-7133

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