Thorns & Acorns Farm Thorns & Acorns Farm Thorns & Acorns Farm

Thorns & Acorns Farm in Wakefield, RI integrated pest mgmt

Founded in 2015, Thorns & Acorns Farm is a 40 acre farm run by Megan and Ben Caswell.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
1157 Tuckertown Rd
Wakefield, RI

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2 miles from Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 636-1505
(401) 368-5288

E-mail [email protected] preferred

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A little about Thorns & Acorns Farm
We are a small, family-owned farm specializing in free-range poultry. We raise chicken and heritage breed turkey. We pride ourselves on the health and happiness of our flock. We never use any hormones or antibiotics. Our birds scratch and peck for food off the land and have supplemental non-GMO feed.

Because our birds live such healthy, free lives, we are able to offer a product with superior moisture content, texture and flavor.



Dairy + Eggs



Thorns & Acorns Farm Thorns & Acorns Farm

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