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Misty Morning Sunrise Farm in Manquin, VA

Founded in 2010, Misty Morning Sunrise Farm is a 3 acre farm run by Benyamin & Leia.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.

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2 miles from Manquin, VA 23106
(804) 769-2709

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P.O. Box 302
Manquin, VA 23106

A little about Misty Morning Sunrise Farm
Our laying hens enjoy unfettered access to large green pastures, where they can race around or snooze in shade or sunshine, foraging for critters and eating lots of greens.

They also are the happy recipients of our table scraps. Those last about 30 seconds after we toss them in. What a sight!

Our all natural Layer Feed is chosen less and less by our ladies in the summertime because of how much nutrition they are deriving from their pastured foraging. They choose their own diet and they love "eating out".

Fresh water on demand lets them wet their beaks whenever they want. A well hydrated hen lays a better egg too.

The eggs that these birds produce are amazing!

At night, our gals are protected from danger by solar powered "tech"... motion sensor lighting illuminates the exterior of their coop-on-wheels if predators get past our electric "feathernet" fencing.

Our hens are the happiest hens in Virginia. We speak chicken and they told us so.