The Gourmet Garlic Seed Co.

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The Gourmet Garlic Seed Co. in Wilbraham, MA chemical-free

Founded in 2009, The Gourmet Garlic Seed Co. is a 5 acre farm run by Eric Lang.

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2 miles from Wilbraham, MA 01095
(413) 279-1494
(413) 279-1494

E-mail [email protected] preferred

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8 Parkwood Dr
Wilbraham, MA 01095

A little about The Gourmet Garlic Seed Co.
We sell Gourmet Seed Garlic, Culinary Garlic, and Garlic Scapes to Chef's, Gardeners , Growers, and people who just love the zestful taste of Gourmet Garlic.
We have specifically sought out to grow varieties that taste great and are easy to grow. You don't have to be an expert to grow our garlic. Garlic is easy to grow and grows best when it is provided minimum moisture, compost, and nutrients throughout the growing season. We grow our garlic using only organic methods for fertilizing and we are 100% free of using any chemical herbicides or pesticides.
We grow our garlic in Wilbraham, Massachusetts located in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley. We grow several Hardneck Varieties of garlic chosen because of their flavor and are best suited to grow in our colder winter environment. Hardneck garlic is known to be a more flavorful garlic and in most cases produce much larger foliage and bulbs. Hardneck Garlic can be grown in most areas of the country and will be very productive in most environments.


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