HillTown Grazers HillTown Grazers

HillTown Grazers in Goshen, MA chemical-free

Founded in 2009, HillTown Grazers is a 1200 acre farm run by Cosimo Ferrante.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
86 Spruce Corner Road
Goshen, MA

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1 miles from Goshen, MA 01032
A little about HillTown Grazers
We raise heritage pigs that graze the green hills of western Massachusetts. Using no commercial grains, we mix a unique diet of locally sourced vegetables, grains, and dairy for our animals. We offer high quality pork products raised sustainably to wholesale markets and to individuals purchasing half or whole hogs. Feeder piglets and Mangalitza pigs available.


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HillTown Grazers HillTown Grazers

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