Couet Farm & Fromagerie Couet Farm & Fromagerie Couet Farm & FromagerieCouet Farm & Fromagerie

Couet Farm & Fromagerie in Dudley, MA

Founded in 2013, Couet Farm & Fromagerie is a 23 acre farm run by Marie-Laure Couët.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
236 Ramshorn Road
Dudley, MA

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3 miles from Dudley, MA 01571
(203) 216-1571

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A little about Couet Farm & Fromagerie
We are a family farm with French, Polish, and Québecois roots. We create small-batch, handmade, cave-aged sheep and cow cheeses with milk from northeast family dairies.

We believe that while food is nourishment, making food is empowerment. Our mission is to be a sustainable family farm business that creates beautiful, delicious, wholesome cheeses.

About our cheeses:
We offer a fresh, lactic cow's milk cheese spread named Adelisca that tastes bright and tangy and that finishes like a light, milky cream cheese. We also offer a lactic cow's milk crottin (looks like a little cylinder or large button) named Franciszka that is buttery and reminiscent of a fresh Charolais of the Beaujolais region of France.

Our two raw milk tommes are made in a Catalonian style and aged several months to develop natural rinds and complex flavor profiles. Our Evelina is made of ewe's milk, has a creamy mouth-feel, and exhibits nuttiness and notes of crème fraîche. Our Karolina is made of cow's milk, coats the palate, and reminds us of a sharp cheddar with a sour finish.

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Couet Farm & Fromagerie Couet Farm & Fromagerie

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