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Simpaug Farms in Ridgefield, CT integrated pest mgmt

Founded in 2010, Simpaug Farms is a 250 acre farm run by Jennifer Trillo.

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0 miles from Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 431-7188

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38C Grove Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877

A little about Simpaug Farms
Farmland is part of our New England heritage and highly beneficial for the environment, but more is disappearing every year. Simpaug Farms is a working farm located in the Connecticut River Valley and is part of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture Farmland Preservation program. As part of this program, we use this land solely for agricultural purposes. Presevrving this rich farmland protects Connecticut's history while maintaining local food sources and local jobs.

We are in the process of obtaining organic certification and use both organic and sustainable farming practices. We are members of Northeast Organic Farming Association(NOFA) and have signed the NOFA Pledge.

We are interested in connecting with like minded consumers who understand that locally grown food is fresher,tastes better,has less environmental impact and is good for the local economy. To this end we have established a CSA and participate in both the Farm to Chef and Farm to School programs run by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

We grow several acres of vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as sweet corn, hay and alfalfa. We have pasture raised beef that will be an add on to our CSA members.