Florence & Manton Farm Florence & Manton FarmFlorence & Manton FarmFlorence & Manton FarmFlorence & Manton FarmFlorence & Manton Farm

Florence & Manton Farm in Providence, RI chemical-free

Founded in 2011, Florence & Manton Farm is run by Adam Graffunder.
183 Manton Ave.
Providence, RI

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2 miles from Providence, RI 02907
(206) 432-6071

A little about Florence & Manton Farm
Florence & Manton Farm is run by Adam Graffunder in Olneyville, just up the hill from Atlantic Mills.
The farm is on the south side of Mount Pleasant hill, and grows on a somewhat sandy fill.
Natural compost and mineral soil amendments are used to build soil habitat and fertility.
No artificial or concentrated chemical amendments, herbicides or pesticides are used at Florence & Manton Farm.
What weed and pest control is done is with simple tools.

Tools, produce, and some compost materials are transported to and from Florence & Manton Farm by bicycle.
This makes possible the net positive impact the farm has on the environment and community at many scales.
Bicycle transportation also makes profit possible for a farm of this size (about a tenth of an acre).

Important crops consist of heat-loving fruits like eggplant and peppers to soak up the southern sun,
compact low-maintenance crops like cooking greens pay the bills every week,
and a diverse assortment of vegetables, leaves, herbs, flowers and roots
workshop future crops, capture niche markets, and support systemic diversity.

Adam also ferments local vegetables, including some of his own, under the
F&M Fermented brand. These wild lacto-fermented products can be purchased
at the Fertile Underground Grocery.