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Turkey Brook Farm in Brimfield, MA

Turkey Brook Farm is run by Ron Morin & Suzanne Natale.
47 Lyman Barnes Road
Brimfield, MA

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4 miles from Brimfield, MA 01010
(413) 245-9459 preferred
Fax (413) 245-9675

E-mail [email protected]

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A little about Turkey Brook Farm
"Our poultry have free run among the woodlands of beautiful Brimfield Massachusetts. Our birds enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. They forage all day for insects, seeds, and plants. They favor the ferns that grow on our property in abundance. In addition to their natural diet, our chickens receive a cereal and plant based grain, which contains no animal byproducts. We do not use medications, steroids, or hormones.

We use a slow growing rustic strain of chicken from European origins. Our chickens are heartier and more disease resistant than the commonly used commercial breeds. This makes them better suited for outdoor production.

All of our day old chicks are hand delivered direct from the hatchery to minimize the stress of shipping. Most other day old chicks are sent through the US mail. We brood our chicks in small groups of 100 and grow them for 4 weeks under natural light. Our chicks have a large brooding area that is bedded with fresh woodshavings weekly.

Baby chicks are very curious and like to peck at everything, including each other. This behavior can result in injury, and if not kept in check, even death. We provide an environment that is enriched with hanging bells, frayed ropes and colorful shredded paper for them to peck at. Since we started doing this, we have seen a tremendous reduction in harmful behavior towards each other.

Our Red Label Poultry is harvested at a minimum of 9 weeks. We personally deliver our birds to the USDA processing facility in Westminster VT.

The culinary qualities of our poultry is second to none. Our dressed birds weigh in at a minimum of 5lbs up to 9lbs. The meat is succulent and juicy. The texture of the meat is smooth, not dry or stringy like sometimes found with commercial chicken.

We sell fresh and frozen whole birds through on farm sales and through select Farmer’s Markets. Visit our website to view our harvest schedule, pick up locations and Farmer’s Markets. Reservations are strongly recommended. Special orders are accepted.