Percy Thomson Meadows Percy Thomson Meadows Percy Thomson MeadowsPercy Thomson Meadows

Percy Thomson Meadows in Bethlehem, CT chemical-free

Founded in 1906, Percy Thomson Meadows is a 80 acre farm run by Kenny & Dana Assard.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
78 Thomson Rd.
Bethlehem, CT

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2 miles from Bethlehem, CT 06751
(203) 598-9701
(203) 266-5785

E-mail [email protected] preferred

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84 Sunny Ridge Rd.
Bethlehem, CT 06751

A little about Percy Thomson Meadows
At Percy Thomson Meadows our goal is to raise fresh all natural meat and vegetables,to promote the growth of agriculture in Connecticut, to teach the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and to provide the best quality product for our family & you!