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Meggie's Farm in Rehoboth, MA chemical-free

Founded in 2008, Meggie's Farm is a 3 acre farm run by John Maguire.
209 Pleasant St.
Rehoboth, MA

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6 miles from Rehoboth, MA 02769
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A little about Meggie's Farm
John Maguire started Meggies' Farm in 2008 as a retirement project specializing in heirlooms such as Hungarian Heart tomatoes and Tolli peppers, and uncommon varieties like Purple passion asparagus and Tango celery. Our newest offering, ground paprika and cayenne has become very popular. We never use herbicides or pesticides relying instead what nature has given us to curb weeds and pests. As we are always looking for new produce, we'd love for you to contact us if you have a favorite variety you can't locate here. We'll be glad to research it and grow it next season if possible in our area.




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Farm Profile: Meggie's Farm by Kanoelani Pilobello
Published: September 12, 2018

Rehoboth, MA - Meggie’s Farm is a form of therapy for John and Kris Maguire. After a career in the jewelry industry, the couple was pulled out of retirement when a friend, who also happened to be a restauranteur, asked them to start growing Korean hot peppers.

Since then, the farm has grown to include several types of specialty hot peppers, garlic, and small-batch crops that not only have a story, but bring the flavors of the far-away places from which they originated to the fore. The Puya pepper from central Mexico, Hungarian paprika, and white cayenne are just some of the hot peppers grown at Meggie’s Farm.

John thinks of their product as the pigment used by painters to create works of art, or in this case, chefs at some of the finest restaurants in Rhode Island including Hemenways, Trio, West House, and Al Forno.

Much like the cadmium yellow that makes Van Gogh’s Starry Night so memorable, each hot pepper type has a distinct flavor profile that adds dimension to a dish that rarely can be substituted. 

Kris and John focus on creating a high-quality product. Their hot peppers and garlic can be purchased at select retailers in the area, including Formaggio Kitchen and Curio Spice (both in Cambridge, MA) and Avenue N (in Rumford, RI). Meggie's Farm reaches wholesale buyers like these across Rhode Island and the Boston-metro area with help from our Market Mobile wholesale distribution service. This helps Kris and John focus on the thing they love most — farming.