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Full Bloom Apiary in North Franklin, CT

Founded in 2004, Full Bloom Apiary is run by Alan Holmberg.
101 Lebanon Rd
North Franklin, CT

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2 miles from North Franklin, CT 06254
(860) 235-0624 preferred

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A little about Full Bloom Apiary
Full Bloom Apiaries is a full-time honeybee farm producing local Connecticut honey that is unfiltered and non-pasteurized. The honey is produced from hives located in outyards on farms located in Eastern Connecticut. Using best management practices, our business maintains strong healthy colonies of Northern raised bees, with high honey production in the summer and low mortality over the winter. The colonies are divided into two groups: honey production hives and nucleus hives. Thereby, annual colony expansion, winter loss replacements, surplus Spring bees, and new queens will be supplied from the stock of nucleus (support) colonies.

Alan’s father, a hobbyist beekeeper, introduced Alan to beekeeping over 20 years ago, and in 2000 he gave Alan a gift of two hives when he bought his first house.

Full Bloom Apiaries was established in 2004 with 100 colonies of honeybees, started from packages. Since becoming a full-time operation in 2007, Full Bloom Apiaries runs approximately 350 honey production colonies and 300-400 nucleus colonies year round in Eastern Connecticut.

Our honey is produced locally by our hives located in farms throughout Eastern Connecticut. It is unfiltered and non-pasteurized to preserve its natural enzymes. The color and taste of honey is dictated by the floral source. Traditionally, in Connecticut lighter honey is produced early in the season and as the season progresses, the honey is generally darker in color. Dark honey is also known to be high in anti oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

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Full Bloom Apiary Full Bloom Apiary

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