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Plainville Farm in Hadley, MA organic certified

Plainville Farm is run by Wally Czajkowski and Mary McNamara.
135 Mt. Warner Road
Hadley, MA

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1 miles from Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 237-2616 preferred
(413) 549-6683
Fax (413) 549-2924


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A little about Plainville Farm
Wholesale growers. We are a third generation family farm operating on 180 acres. We are primarily wholesale growers of lettuce, green beans, pickling cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and asparagus in the spring and summer.

In the winter we specialize in winter squash both whole and peeled, rutabagas and pumpkins. We have a large variety of hard squash including the more commonplace varieties of butternut, buttercup, acorn and spaghetti as well as several more interesting varieties like bora-bora and delicata. We can accommodate both large and small orders.

Crop Types Available

Asparagus-24 Bunch Box. Available May 8-June 20.

Lettuce-12 & 24 Count Box of Green/Red Leaf & Romaine, June 4-July 4

Green Cabbage-16-18 Count Box Large heads - 120 Count Bins, July 1-August 20

Broccoli - June 28-Oct. 20

Greenhouse Tomatoes - LIMITED SUPPLY
June 20-August 20

Snap Peas - June 10-July 10

Pickling Cucumber- 1/2bushel and 1bu. boxes - sizes 2-5, July 4-Sept. 20

Summer Squash and Zucchini - June 28-Sept. 20

Certified Organic Green & Yellow Beans - 1bu. boxes, July 10-September 20

Bunched Beets-June 28-Sept 1

Long Green Cucumbers - July 4-Sept 20

Winter Squash:
Butternut 1 1/9 Boxes & Bins Aug. 25-March
Acorn 1 1/9 Boxes & Bins Aug. 25-Dec. 1
Kabocha 1 1/9 Boxes & Bins Aug 25-Thanksgiving
Spaghetti 1 1/9 Boxes & Bins Aug 25-Halloween
Gold Acorn-1 1/9 Boxes/Bins Aug 25-Thanksgiving
Peeled Butternut Squash 15lb wrapped halves Sept 1-Easter, 12/20oz trays and 10lb. bags whole or diced.

Pumpkins - Sept. 1-Halloween

Pumpkin MINIS - Jack-be-little, We-be-little, Baby Boo (White) 1/2bu., 1 1/9 Boxes and bins

Sugar Pumpkins- Small Boxes & Bins also Medium Size Bins.

Face (Large Pumpkins) - 45 Count Bin

White and Heirloom - Bins

Rutabagas - Oct 15 - April 1st, 1 1/9 boxes unwaxed peeled 12/20oz. trays


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