Stone Wall Vegetables LLC

Stone Wall Vegetables LLC in Cornwall Bridge, CT chemical-free

Founded in 2008, Stone Wall Vegetables LLC is a 3 acre farm run by Jonathan Kirschner.
332 Kent Rd. S
Cornwall Bridge, CT

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2 miles from Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754
(860) 248-3070

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A little about Stone Wall Vegetables LLC
“Stone Wall Dairy Farm” and “Stone Wall Vegetables” comprise a diversified farm located along the Housatonic River in Cornwall Bridge, CT. While the land might have been farmed since the 1700’s, the previous owners operated the farm since 1921 and in 2004 new owners started the raw milk dairy. Currently the land is owned and preserved by the state, town, and privately. We believe diversity and a holistic approach is important for the long term health of the farm. Stone Wall Dairy Farm manages 60+ acres for pasture and hay land, producing and bottling Raw Milk which it sells from the farm and at 13 area stores. Stone Wall Dairy Farm also sells eggs from our own chickens and sometimes raises pigs to help recycle nutrients throughout the farms ecosystem. In addition to the dairy “Stone Wall Vegetables” raises a variety of crops for a 50 member CSA, farmer’s market, and local natural food stores. Tractors are used for major tillage work, mowing, and other bed preparation otherwise hands and hand tools are our preferred implements. The farms are not certified organic but use many organic and ecological production practices including cover cropping, rotational grazing/growing, and manure management