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Aquidneck Farms in Portsmouth, RI chemical-free

Founded in 2003, Aquidneck Farms is a 350 acre farm run by Mike Victor, Emily Watne.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
333 Wapping Rd.
Portsmouth, RI

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0 miles from Portsmouth, RI 02871
(401) 849-0337

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A little about Aquidneck Farms
Aquidneck Farm raises grass fed beef and pastured poultry and pork on 350 acres of conserved land. All of our cattle are born on the farm, raised on mother’s milk and weaned on lush legume pastures. Our herd is rotationally grazed during the growing season. In the winter they are fed home grown stored forage in the form of dry hay and grass silage. We continue to improve our 175 head herd by selecting for genetics that will thrive in a sustainable, grass based system. All of our animals are source verified. We do not feed grain to our cattle. We do not use hormones or add antibiotics to our feed.

We raise pastured poultry and sell broilers & eggs at the farmers markets and from our farm store. Visit our website for directions and online sales.

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Farm Profile: Aquidneck Farms by Angelica Sullam with Barbara van Beuren
Published: July 16, 2011

Portsmouth, RI - While many people drive to Aquidneck Island to enjoy the beaches and Newport attractions, tucked behind Route 138 is a different and delightful treasure, Aquidneck Farms. Aquidneck Farms raises grass-fed beef and pastured poultry on conservation land overlooking the Sakonnet River. It was originally a country estate renowned for its prizewinning Jersey dairy cattle and Hereford beef. It fell into disrepair when the owner died and for decades was a turf farm. In 2003 Aquidneck Farms took over and began rehabilitating the soils, growing hay, making grass silage and experimenting with different cattle breeds. In 2009 they began selling grass-fed beef in local farmer’s markets.

Today Aquidneck Farms manages close to 400 acres of prime agricultural land all within two miles of the original farm. Their goal is to establish a 180 head closed Angus herd. Poultry has been added. Aquidneck Farms also sells eggs and chicken broilers. They make hay and grass silage to feed their animals and compost to fertilize their pastures. Surplus is sold to the local farm community.

Aquidneck Farms beef is 100% grass-fed. During the summer months the herd is rotationally grazed on carefully managed pastures. For winter feed Aquidneck Farms grows, harvests and stores specially planted grasses in the form of dry hay and grass silage. Neither hormones nor prophylactic antibiotics are added to the feed. No grain is used to finish the animals. Pesticides are avoided and pastures are fertilized with their own manure, chicken droppings and farm made compost.

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. The pastures look just as lush as the surrounding treeline. The air smells fresh, clean and crisp. The cows are so content that they are mesmerizing to watch; we spent a full twenty minutes starring in awe. This is a farm that future cattle farmers should look to model after. They have made praiseworthy efforts to produce a sustainable, low-maintenance and economically viable livestock farm.

To purchase Aquidneck Farms’ beef, poultry and eggs visit their Portsmouth Farm Store, Sweet Berry Farm, the Pawtucket Wintertime Market, the Lippitt Park Summer Market or the Aquidneck Grower’s Market.