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Pat's Pastured in East Greenwich, RI

Founded in 2002, Pat's Pastured is a 120 acre farm run by Pat McNiff.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
830 South Road
East Greenwich, RI

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0 miles from East Greenwich, RI 02818
(401) 830-4728

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A little about Pat's Pastured
Pat's Pastured was founded in 2002 and provides the highest quality pasture raised and grass fed meats. Our goal is to provide our livestock with a life that allows them to express their natural instincts fully in a pasture environment. That means that pigs get to root, run and play; chickens get to peck, scratch and crow; turkeys goggle and strut; cows eat grass outside, NOT corn in confinement.

In addition to a wide variety of traditional meat cuts, we offer specialty products that contain no nitrites/nitrates, MSG or fillers, including Farmway Franks, Kelly Dogs (Kielbasa Hot Dogs), bacon, breakfast sausage, Italian sausages and boneless ham.

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Farm Profile: Pat's Pastured by Eleanor Freda
Published: January 7, 2009

East Greenwich, RI - Patrick McNiff is one of a new breed of farmer. Pat has a Master's degree in Economic Development, a love for and comprehension of his animals, and the savvy to run a small farm in a difficult economic climate. He also possesses the ability to navigate the modern technology needed to run his farm and sell his wares, as well as an understanding of the needs and desires of the people who seek his products.

Patrick, a farm manager and former director of the Southside Community Land Trust, founded Pat's Pastured in 2005 when he became inspired by Joel Salatin's book, Pastured Poultry Products.

Currently, Pat's Pastured is the only Rhode Island farm selling pastured poultry. Chickens from Pat's are purchased whole, wrapped and frozen. All of the chickens are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics, and are fed all natural probiotic grain.

The chickens here are raised in moveable shelters, allowing them to feast on insects and grass, making them happier and healthier- which cause them to be a healthier meal for you than a conventionally raised bird. As Pat says, "they use their beaks for pecking, and their feet for scratching…they get to be chickens."

Turkeys from Pat's are Heritage breeds, raised in the same way as the chickens. Pat has Narragansett, Blue Slate and Bourbon Red turkeys. These breeds are slower growing and heartier than conventionally raised turkeys and have a delicious flavor.

The pigs at Pat's cavort happily, rooting and digging with their snouts, delighting in eating as much organic lettuce, acorns, and ricotta cheese as their piggish little hearts desire. This lifestyle and diet makes them a considerably healthier choice for consumers. Pigs that are pasture raised have lower saturated fat, higher conjugated linoleic acid and more mega 3 fatty acids than any pork you could find at the grocery store.

Pat's pork products are processed right here in Rhode Island at a USDA inspected facility and are available in every cut you might desire - from a pork chop to a Farm Way Frank! You can even get Kelly Dogs, a kielbasa type of hot dog. All these pork products are of course; nitrate free, even when smoked.

In addition to poultry, pork and eggs, grass fed beef from Jamestown's Watson and Windmist Farms can be purchased from Pat's Pastured. Pat's products are available at the Wintertime Farmer's Market, or you can contact him with special and advance orders if you would like to pick them up at the farm.