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Colby Farm in Newbury, MA

Founded in 1960, Colby Farm is a 75 acre farm run by WILLIAM COLBY, LISA COLBY, JR COLBY, ELIZABETH KNIGHT.
50 Scotland Road
Newbury, MA

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2 miles from Newbury, MA 01951
(978) 465-8868 preferred
Fax (978) 499-7866

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PO BOX 297

A little about Colby Farm
Colby Farm is a year round operation. Our farmstand is seasonal running June through November. We offer an 18 week summer CSA starting in June and ending in October. Visit our website CSA page to see information. In the winter months we are importing hay and shavings to deliver to mainly horse farms, but also construction sites as well as feed stores. Spring time is when a majority of our piglets are born on the Colby Farm. We raise 35 breeding stock sows which produce approx. 300 piglets each year. During the summer months we are taking care of our gardens and hay fields. We farm over 350 acres hay annually, as well as approx. 30 acres of farm fresh produce for our farmstand. In early August come check out our sunflower field on Scotland Road next to the farmstand.