Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLCMartinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLCMartinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLCMartinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC

Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC in Scituate, RI chemical-free

Founded in 1997, Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC is a 12 acre farm run by Frank Martinelli.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
56 Peeptoad Rd.
Scituate, RI

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0 miles from North Scituate, RI 02857
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A little about Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC
All our products are sold with a satisfaction Money back gurantee. We specialize in Pork, Boar,
Beef, poultry, and Charcuterie. Our hogs are dairy fed and are separated to enhance their flavor for our charcuterie products





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Farm Profile: Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC by Isabel Tirado
Published: August 14, 2014

Scituate, RI - The name of the game is authenticity at PV Farm Stand. On a hot summer day Frank Martinelli and I walked around his 12 acre farm chatting about how he found his passion in farming. While many farmers are turning to pesticides, artificial insemination, and genetically modified crops, Frank is staying true to free range, organic practices. There is nothing fake at PV Farm Stand. He allows his animals to mate when it is natural, never forcing them to reproduce. Frank provides them plenty of room to roam free and graze naturally. He tries to create a similar environment to what the animals would experience in the wild. The farm is so sustainable that he only needs himself and one part time worker to keep it running smoothly. Frank runs his farm this way for one simple reason, “the final product just tastes better, there is nothing like it.”
Since 1997 Frank has been committed to generating and providing the freshest, best tasting food possible. Well rounded in current events in the food industry, Frank explained to me his love for creating real food for people in the community. Something he would not give up for any amount of money.

History: Frank took an interest in agriculture in his early college years. Although he graduated with an art degree from University of Rhode Island, he had the opportunity to take numerous agricultural classes. Years after graduating Frank found himself living in North Scituate RI across from Carl Swedberg and his farm. Carl always took a liking to Frank and soon presented Frank with a once in a life time opportunity. As Carl got older the upkeep of his farm became too strenuous. This is around the time he approached Frank and offered to sell the farm to him.

With general knowledge about running a farm Frank took Carl up on his offer and purchased the farm in 1997. With all of the animals and land provided Frank took full reigns and created PV Farm Stand. With little experience in farming Frank stuck to what made sense, having happy healthy animals. From there Frank was able to learn the ins and outs of the trade. With his willingness to learn and commitment to real food, Frank established himself as a reputable farmer.

Today: Today PV Farm Stand is a well know farm in the Rhode Island community. While the food industry has shifted and more challenges for local farmers arise, Frank has stayed genuine in providing good food to the local community. Although PV Farm Stand provides a plethora of meat and produce, they have shifted their focus to providing quality boar products to the local community. Know in town as the “King of Boar” Frank continues to raise happy animals. Frank also makes a point to partner with other authentic businesses in the industry. While Frank raises the animals he sends them to RI Veal and Beef to be processed and Westerly Packing for packaging. Both RI Veal and Westerly Packing are local businesses committed to providing quality products to the RI community.

Moving Forward: Although Frank has been in the farming industry for 17 years now he continues to be innovative in his ideas and able to adapt to changes in the environment. Through his experience he has found that getting food from the farm to people can be a challenge. So he decided to bring people to the farm. Opening in September PV Farm Stand will have an onsite retail store where Frank will sell his famous boar along with other quality products such as duck eggs, chickens and chicken eggs, summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, onions, and much more!

Where you can find PV Farm Stand: Want to taste Frank’s outstandingly fresh food? There are many places where you will have the chance to meet Frank himself and experience the food he dedicates his life too. Frank can be found at the Armory Park, Goddard Park, Slater Park, and Fisherman’s Memorial farmers markets. You can also find Frank’s products at local restaurants such as AS220 and The Stone Market Café.

For more information be sure to check out PV Farm Stand’s webpage at and check them out on Facebook.